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5 Things You’ll Learn in a Cooking Class

The Cook’s Studio recreational cooking classes are designed to be fun, but you’ll walk away from the experience with more than a belly full of delicious food– you’ll gain some technical culinary knowledge as well. During your two-hour interactive cooking class experience, you’ll have access to a professional chef who can answer any cooking questions you may have while guiding you through the recipe you’re working on. Here are the top five things you can expect to learn at The Cook’s Studio.

  1. Culinary Terms. Our professional chefs will explain what’s actually happening in the pan. It’s not a miracle when recipes come out good– it’s science! Our professional chefs use and define relevant culinary terminology related to the recipe you’ll be preparing. Whether you’re sauteing, searing, braising, simmering, or boiling, we’ll define it during a live-action recipe demonstration before you start cooking. 
  2. Basic Skills. From mise-en-place to knife skills, the foundational elements of cooking are essential to creating and executing successful and delicious recipes. Our professional chefs will go over knife safety, foundational knife skills, ingredient identification, and the importance of organization. 
  3. Timing. Have you ever watched a professional chef cook and thought to yourself, “wow, they make it look so easy?” Well, practice has a lot to do with it, but organization and timing is at the core of how professional chefs seem to cook with the flow and precision of a ballerina in The Nutcracker. Our chefs will help you stay on track and pace your cooking so that everything is hot and ready before you dig in.
  4. Tasting. One of the biggest things home cooks forget to do while cooking is to taste their food while they’re in the cooking process. Our professional chefs will point out opportune and essential times to taste your creation throughout the whole process. This will help you be a better cook overall, but it’ll also help fine-tune your palate. 
  5. Food Storage and Reheating. Our guests can expect to make a full meal with plenty of leftovers to take home from most classes. Our chefs will explain the best way to properly store and reheat the recipe you’ve prepared.

The Cook’s Studio is Long Island’s top recreational cooking school for date nights, private events, celebrations, and anyone who loves food, with locations in Hicksville, Huntington, and more coming soon. For more information, email chefvictor@thecooksstudio.com or follow us on Instagram and Facebook

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