Core Classes

All classes 2-2 1/2 hours. No experience required. All hands on. You will be working in teams of two. Enjoy your spoils on site, or take home.

Hand Pulled Fresh Mozzarella, Burrata & Traditional Pesto

Make everyone’s favorite cheese for yourself*.

We’ll start with a discussion on sourcing and selecting the cheese curd, then dive right into the hot water, literally. You’ll melt the curd in 170-degree salty water and learn how to retrieve it, pull it, stretch it, squeeze it and form it into the perfect ball. Once you’ve mastered that, you’ll make the delicate stuffed version, Burrata. The favorite variety of the favorite cheese.

Just to keep the hands-on Italian experience going, you’ll make a beautiful tomato basil salad, the perfect accompaniment.

*The 2016 US per capita consumption of mozzarella is reported at 11.27 pounds; cheddar came in second at 9.6 pounds.

Fresh Pasta-Pappardelle, Portobello, Pancetta, Peas & Pecorino-[5Ps]

Mix, Kneed, Rest, Roll, Cut, Chop, Dice, Crisp, Sautee, Season, Boil, Shave. Eat.

Make your own semolina pasta dough from scratch, roll out with a hand crank pasta machine, and cut it into wide noodles that will grab any sauce.

You’ll prepare the shrooms, Italian bacon and any other ingredients the chef may have sourced at the market-some tomatoes for color, some peppers for bite, some fresh herbs for aromatics, some garlic for garlic’s sake. Then you’ll put it all together and enjoy!!

Maki Your own Sushi

Unlock your inner sushi chef…and don’t worry if you don’t like fish, it’s all about the rice and roll.

First learn how the rice is selected and prepared, from rinsing the raw grains to perfectly seasoning the fluffy cooked final product.

Get a little knife skills lesson so nobody hurts themselves. Then choose your ingredients to prepare from the variety of fish and vegetables the chef has selected for the day.

The chef will demonstrate techniques for four rolls-a traditional maki roll, an inside-out roll, a hand roll, and even a soy paper roll, then guide you through making your own.

Class will also include discussions on the sourcing quality fish, accompaniments such as wasabi, ginger, soy, unagi sauce and spicy mayo. Proper slicing and serving techniques of course, as well as use of specialty equipment like the bamboo matt. We’ll even cover the use of chopsticks. No forks, but fingers are ok!

Tipsy Truffles

You cannot live on wine alone, add some chocolate. Or, you cannot live on chocolate alone, add some wine. Either way is acceptable.

Red wine dark chocolate truffles.

White wine white chocolate truffles.

And a few milk chocolate dipped strawberries just for fun.

You’ll learn to make them all.

Need we say more?

Three Cheese Ravioli, Sage Browned Butter

Ravioli don’t make you fat, YOU make fat ravioli!

Learn to make traditional semolina dough from scratch with just a few ingredients, let it rest, then expertly roll it into sheets ready for your filling.

Make your cheesy filling with a blend of ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan. You decide how much of each. Be creative. Add some fresh herbs or sundried tomatoes. Like spicy, ok. How about prosciutto? Roasted Garlic, yes please. You’re the ravioli maker. And no experience necessary.

Then learn how to fill and seal your delicate pillows. Finally cook them to perfection and toss with simple, yet delicious sage browned butter sauce.

Gnocchi Pesto

Being half Irish and half Italian, this little ridged dumpling represents the best of both worlds-PASTA MADE FROM POTATOES!!

First boil the potatoes to make the dough, save that water. Next you’ll form this delicate dough with just the potatoes, flour, egg, some of that water and a pinch of salt…then roll it into ropes…then you’ll cut the snakes [they call them snakes too] into ¾ inch pieces…then you’ll roll the pieces across a special board to form the distinctive ridges…then you’ll drop you dumplings into boiling salted water to cook…finally, once they are ready you’ll drain and toss with the pesto that you just made [you’ll make traditional pesto too by the way, in the traditional manner, with a mortar and pestle, that’s where the name comes from, see, you’re learning already].

Pizza, Pizza- Thin Crust & Deep Dish

Yeah, we all know thin crust NY pizza is the best, but we’ll make some Chicago deep dish too, because it’s still pizza.

You’ll make the dough from scratch. Only 5 basic ingredients-flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar, creates your canvas.

Just for fun we will make the cheese. You’ll select and cut your toppings. All sorts of fresh vegetables like vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet onions, portobellos, peppers, or broccoli. Proteins from bacon to grilled chicken, pepperoni of course. Add a few artisan touches like truffle oil, black olives, or roasted garlic. Finally tear up some fresh basil and/or oregano leaves and shave some Parmesan Reggiano as a finishing touch.

You’ll fashion a one of a kind masterpiece. Two actually, and it will definitely take more than 30 minutes to deliver, but that’s the beauty of it!

Paella Valenciana

Make the Spanish classic- slowly simmered goodness of rice, seafood, chicken, sausage and vegetables. Don’t forget the saffron. The perfect match to the red wines slowly aging in the barrels that surround you at wineUdesign.

Working in teams of dos, you’ll follow the steps to creating this traditional seaside dish. While your Paella is doing its thing, the chef will discuss accompanying dishes. The class will share in samples of Spanish cheeses, olives, flatbread, Gazpacho and of course, red wine. Once the final shells relent and open-up in your pot, you’re ready to eat! 

Empanadas con Tres Salsa

However you feel about the border wall, I think we can all agree, that empanadas, make your kitchen great again!

Learn how to make the flakey dough for this beloved street food. While it is resting, create your filling for the pocket. You’ll get to be imaginative with a variety of ingredients. Roll out the dough, put it all together, then crimp them closed. We’ll fry some. We’ll bake some. Then we’ll vote on which is best. You will also produce three different sauces to go with your creations. As spicy or not spicy as you prefer. Viva empanadas!!!

Bolognese & Ravioli

Sunday sauce and easy cheesy ravioli, like grandma used to make… sort of.

Beef, pork and chicken is the basis for this Italian classic. You’ll learn the proper steps of searing, sweating, sautéing, and simmering to create a hearty tomato sauce. And it’s sauce, not gravy!!

While your ragu is slowly cooking to perfection, we’ll put together homemade ravioli faster than you ever thought possible. Finally pair them together for a picture-perfect Mambo Italiano meal. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of crusty semolina bread for dunking. #Mangiare!!

Pad Thai & Summer Rolls

Thai the knot with these two dishes.

Pad Thai is the national dish of Thailand, a lofty title for street food. Created in the 1930s by order of the prime minister in an effort to westernize Siam, now called Thailand. The literal translation of Pad Thai is fried Thai. There are clear influences from China but with a flavor profile all its own. Ok, enough with the history lesson, let’s chop chop some ginger, lemongrass, cilantro, shallots, mint, cilantro, etc…and start cooking!

We’ll fill out the class by making delicate rice paper summer rolls, which include some of the same ingredients. Cross utilization of prep, we chefs love that. And of course, we’ll share in that famous peanut dipping sauce.

Chinese Dumplings & Fried Rice

No need for delivery, but it may take more than 10 minutes, probably 120.

You’ll make the dough from scratch, then the filling-chicken, pork or vegetable. Roll, fill, seal and steam in a traditional wok bamboo steamer, lined with cabbage leaves. We’ll also make the tangy salty sweet dipping sauce. Extra please! Once your dumplings are steamed to perfection, we’ll turn up the heat on the wok and make some fried rice. Can’t you already smell the sesame oil?

N’awlins Jambalaya

You’ll go to culinary church for this lesson-The Cajun holy trinity is onions, peppers and celery. However we may add some other vegetable, so they all can Coexist.

This Louisiana “one-pot” dish has a deep history with influences from Spain, Africa and France. Hearty yet light, aromatically aggressive yet subtle, homestyle yet refined, classic yet timeless. Easy to make once you master the steps, yet hard to resist once it’s done. The perfect combination of rice, spice, veg, meat and shellfish. Almost no need for any accompaniments, maybe some cornbread. While your Jambalaya is cooking the chef will demonstrate a classic southern dessert-Bread Pudding, for everyone to enjoy after they eat. Or before. No rules on the Bayou.

Indian Chicken Curry & Naan Bread

Variety isn’t the spice of life…a variety of spices is the life of spice.

Naan bread isn’t a keto-gluten-free-bread-substitute, it’s a simple flatbread. You’ll first make the naan dough and let it rise. While that is happening, you’ll grind you spices for the dish the old fashion way, by hand in a mortar & pestle. Toast them to perfection, then start our curry. Sear your chicken and vegetables, maybe add some chick peas, and heat levels to your liking. Coconut milk will round out the dish, then finish with yogurt and fresh cilantro. There are many traditional curry dishes-Korma, Tikka Masala, Biryani, Vindaloo, just to name a few. This one will be of your own creation! You can even name it. We’ll work to understand methods and procedure, spices and seasoning to make a perfectly balanced curry, rather than just follow a recipe. Anyone can do that.

Lastly we’ll cook the naan and use it to grab up our namesake curry as if we were sitting on the street of Bangladesh.

Specialty Weeknight Fast-Track Classes

1.5-2 hours

Offered periodically according to season, availability and demand. Class includes a tasting of wine specially selected by the vintner to compliment the evening’s dishes.  

Date Night Wine & Cheese
Chili Cook-Off
Knife Skills
Chef Demonstration & Wine Tasting Series
Guest Chef Series
Shrimp N’ Grits
Tomato Sauce Jarring
Pickles & Kimchi
Truffled Sea Scallop Risotto
Lobster Mac N’ Cheese
Cake Decorating
Keto, Paleo & Low Carb
Rolls!!-Sushi, Spring, Summer, Egg
Jamaican Curry-Mon
Crepes-Sweet & Savory


"I took the mozzarella and burratta class and it was amazing! Great teacher, great food.. great wine! It was such a fun night out with my boyfriend that we booked a second class with another couple. Can’t wait to go back!"

Lindsay L.

"We had a blast at the pizza making class and met nice people can’t wait to take another class!"


"Had a wonderful time, this place is a rare gem! Chef Victor is awesome and funny! His demonstrations of preparing the selected dish of the day was so easy to follow and he really makes it a fun experience! Staff is excellent and very friendly! Numerous wine tasting selections! Will definitely be back again! "

Valerie G.

"Informative and fun and great time! The chef was funny and personable!"

Paulo D.

"My wife and I did the fresh pasta class last night and could not have been happier! We’ve done cooking classes before at a few different places - this was by far the most laid-back and most fun we’ve had. The physical setting is perfect - being in the middle of an active winery sets the tone. Chef Victor was awesome - funny, unintimidating, and genuinely passionate about cooking and teaching. We met some great people during class and had fun just chatting and cooking. My wife got to sample some of Chefs homemade Sangria which I think was the highlight for her :-). We already plan to book another night and bring some friends. We come from out east and it was well worth the hour drive."

Dave P.

"We had a great time. Victor was very knowledgeable and funny. Will definitely book another class with him!"

Danielle C.

"So much fun! Food was tasty and hands-on experience. The chef was friendly and funny. Great evening!"

Keith M.

"We went with a group of 16 girls and had a fantastic time! We made empanadas. Chef walked us through it all. We ate, drank wine and had one of the best nights! We will be back for certain. Highly recommend it!"

Sam G.

"This place is really awesome! From the fun to the food to the 🍷 wine it was a great way to spend a Saturday night! "

Patrizia F.

"We had a great time! It was so different and cool to see how sushi rolls were made and to try for ourselves! We would be back for anther class!"

Derek T.

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