Core Classes

Brief descriptions & approximated yields of our most popular classes

Per group of 2

Fresh Mozzarella & Burrata

Hand pulled from apx 3 lbs of curd; ciabatta crostini, olive pesto and tomato basil salad

Bolognese & Agnolotti

Hearty ragu of pork, beef, veggies and tomatoes-apx 1.5 qt; guest formed cheese filled pillows-apx 1 dozen

Hand Cut Fresh Pasta Primavera

From scratch dough, hand cut-apx 1.5 lbs; veggie cream broth

Gnocchi, Gnocchi & Pesto Cream

Both potato and ricotta Gnocchi produced-apx 1 lb each; hand ground pesto

Cavetelli, Rabe & Sausage Broth

Ricotta dough-hand crank maker or board formed-apx 1.5 lbs; rich garlicky sausage and rabe broth

Cheese Ravioli & Sage Brown Butter

From scratch dough, rolled and filled with Italian cheese blend-apx 18 depending on size made; traditional sage browned butter

Chicken Scarpariella & Polenta

Boneless skinless organic thighs- apx 1.5 lbs in spicy vinegary peppery stew; cheesy polenta, seasonal arugula salad

Steak Pizzaiola & Risotto

Filet mignon-8 oz per guest, braised in scratch tomato sauce; creamy risotto; seasonal arugula salad

Roman Flatbread Pizza & Caesar Salad

Scratch sauce, fresh mozzarella, TCS provided dough for 3 six-inch pizzas per guest; baby romaine salad with parmesan garlic dressing

Sushi Rolling

4-5 rolls per guest-tuna, spicy tuna, shrimp, crab, smoked salmon, tobiko, seaweed salad, cucumber, avocado; ginger, soy, wasabi, sriracha mayo, unagi sauce

Thai I-Noodles & Summer Rolls

Rice noodles, shrimp, beef, chicken, veggie, Pad Thai sauce; ½ dozen rice paper summer rolls

Thai II-Fried Rice & Coconut Lemongrass Soup

Tom Kha Gai soup; cashew pineapple shrimp fried rice; mango avocado salad

Chinese Dumplings-Steamed & Fried

From scratch dough, rolled into skins; pork and veggie filling-apx. 18; soy dipping sauce;

Homemade Ramen Noodles & Broth

From scratch dough-apx 1.5 lbs; traditionally seasoned broth of beef, shrimp, chicken, pork and veggie-apx 2 qt

Paella Valenciana & Pimento de Pardon

Arborio rice cooked with chicken, chorizo, veggie, mussels, clams, shrimp and saffron; blistered baby peppers with parmesan and balsamic

Cuban I- Ropa Vieja & Mashed Yuka

Heavily seasoned filet mignon-apx 1 lb, stewed with veggie then shredded; garlicky yuka mashed; seasonal avocado salad

Cuban II-Mojo Pork, Rice & Beans

Pork tenderloin-apx 1.5 lbs citrus herb braised; traditional white rice and black beans; seasonal avocado salad

Empanadas con Chipotle Crema

From scratch real butter dough; beef and cheese filling-apx 1 dozen depending on size; spicy sour cream drizzle/dip

Street Tacos & Guacamole

From scratch corn/wheat flour dough; hand pressed tortillas; spicy chipotle braised and pulled organic thighs; 1.5-2 avocado guacamole; apx 1 dozen small tacos

Traditional Pierogi & Kapusta

From scratch dough; apx 1 dozen savory potato cheddar filling; apx ½ dozen sweet blackberry fresh cheese filling; cabbage kielbasa stew


Mardi Gras Jambalaya

Traditional spicy chicken, andouille and shrimp rice dish; blistered peppers and okra; offered on Fat Tuesday

Chocolate & Cheese

Handmade Fresh Mozzarella apx-2 lbs and Chocolate Truffles apx- 1 dozen; offered on Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day


Pork Schnitzel, braised red cabbage, potato pancakes; offered in October

Father’s Day Surf N’ Turf

Filet mignon-8oz each and jumbo shrimp -3 each; garlic mashed potatoes, spicy bbq sauce; seasonal salad

  • Common Dietary restriction adjustments available upon request, such as-no pork, no beef, vegetarian, vegan, dairy or gluten free, no shellfish, no nuts, no garlic, no mushrooms, etc…use ALLERGIES section of booking form
  • Spice level can always be adjusted
  • Yields are approximated and based on 2 guests unless otherwise specified, solo bookings may make a reduced amount
  • Most classes, as of 2/2022, $85.00-95.00 per person unless otherwise specified
  • Recipes subject to change based on season and availability
  • Booking groups always work independently
  • Special events classes are available for private events
*Recipes subject to change

Classes typically run 1.5-2 hours depending on theme and number of attendees, private events are longer.

No experience required. All hands on. You will be working in teams of two. Enjoy your spoils on site, or take home.

Click on the class calendar for all full descriptions and available dates. 

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