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To all our valued customers,

As the COVID19 situation continues to evolve, all classes are being postponed through May 9th, or until again deemed safe for public gatherings by federal and state guidelines.

As a small, independently owned business, we are asking patrons to hold onto the reservations and take any class, at any later date, once this all blows over.

If they choose this option we will enact our 241 policy, allowing each attendee to bring an additional person as our guest, or you can attend a second class. Simply contact us when you are ready, no extra action is needed, no expiration or exclusions.

We understand that these are difficult financial times for all, and completely understand if you would rather a refund. If you choose that option, please email with your name, number of attendees, class name, date and time.
We will process refunds immediately upon request. It can take up to 7 business days to reflect on your credit card account.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thank you for your support.
We will all get through this.

Stay safe,

516.439.1355 | chefvictor@thecooksstudio.com

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Sample Classes

All classes 2-2 1/2 hours. No experience required. All hands on. You will be working in teams of two. Enjoy your spoils on site, or take home.

Hand Pulled Fresh Mozzarella, Burrata & Traditional Pesto

Make everyone’s favorite cheese for yourself*.

*The 2016 US per capita consumption of mozzarella is reported at 11.27 pounds; cheddar came in second at 9.6 pounds.

Fresh Pasta-Pappardelle, Portobello, Pancetta, Peas & Pecorino-[5Ps]

Mix, Kneed, Rest, Roll, Cut, Chop, Dice, Crisp, Sautee, Season, Boil, Shave. Eat.

Maki Your own Sushi

Unlock your inner sushi chef…and don’t worry if you don’t like fish, it’s all about the rice and roll.

Tipsy Truffles

You cannot live on wine alone, add some chocolate. Or, you cannot live on chocolate alone, add some wine. Either way is acceptable.

Three Cheese Ravioli, Sage Browned Butter

Ravioli don’t make you fat, YOU make fat ravioli!

Gnocchi Pesto

Being half Irish and half Italian, this little ridged dumpling represents the best of both worlds-PASTA MADE FROM POTATOES!!

Pizza, Pizza- Thin Crust & Deep Dish

Yeah, we all know thin crust NY pizza is the best, but we’ll make some Chicago deep dish too, because it’s still pizza.

This class is only offered in the Spring and Summer.

Paella Valenciana

Make the Spanish classic- slowly simmered goodness of rice, seafood, chicken, sausage and vegetables. Don’t forget the saffron. The perfect match to the red wines slowly aging in the barrels that surround you at wineUdesign.

Empanadas con Tres Salsa

However you feel about the border wall, I think we can all agree, that empanadas, make your kitchen great again!

Bolognese & Ravioli

Sunday sauce and easy cheesy ravioli, like grandma used to make… sort of.

Pad Thai & Summer Rolls

Thai the knot with these two dishes.

Chinese Dumplings & Fried Rice

No need for delivery, but it may take more than 10 minutes, probably 120.

N’awlins Jambalaya

You’ll go to culinary church for this lesson-The Cajun holy trinity is onions, peppers and celery. However we may add some other vegetable, so they all can Coexist.

Indian Chicken Curry & Naan Bread

Variety isn’t the spice of life…a variety of spices is the life of spice.

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"I took the mozzarella and burratta class and it was amazing! Great teacher, great food.. great wine! It was such a fun night out with my boyfriend that we booked a second class with another couple. Can’t wait to go back!"

Lindsay L.

"We had a blast at the pizza making class and met nice people can’t wait to take another class!"


"Had a wonderful time, this place is a rare gem! Chef Victor is awesome and funny! His demonstrations of preparing the selected dish of the day was so easy to follow and he really makes it a fun experience! Staff is excellent and very friendly! Numerous wine tasting selections! Will definitely be back again! "

Valerie G.

"This place is really awesome! From the fun to the food to the 🍷 wine it was a great way to spend a Saturday night! "

Patrizia F.

"My wife and I did the fresh pasta class last night and could not have been happier! We’ve done cooking classes before at a few different places - this was by far the most laid-back and most fun we’ve had. The physical setting is perfect - being in the middle of an active winery sets the tone. Chef Victor was awesome - funny, unintimidating, and genuinely passionate about cooking and teaching. We met some great people during class and had fun just chatting and cooking. My wife got to sample some of Chefs homemade Sangria which I think was the highlight for her :-). We already plan to book another night and bring some friends. We come from out east and it was well worth the hour drive."

Dave P.

"We had a great time. Victor was very knowledgeable and funny. Will definitely book another class with him!"

Danielle C.

"We went with a group of 16 girls and had a fantastic time! We made empanadas. Chef walked us through it all. We ate, drank wine and had one of the best nights! We will be back for certain. Highly recommend it!"

Sam G.

"So much fun! Food was tasty and hands-on experience. The chef was friendly and funny. Great evening!"

Keith M.

"We had the best time ever! Chef/owner Victor was very accommodating as we planned and booked this only a few days before. We come from an Italian family and some were skeptical about learning how to cook our own food but not one person had nothing but NICE things to say. Everyone was sooo pleasant, welcoming and helpful. Not once did we feel rushed or not at home. It was an epic bachelorette party and we will all be back soon to take his other cooking classes. Yes, that’s how much fun we had! Words cannot express how thankful and greatful we are for all of your accommodations and help!"

Cristina B.

"We had a great time! It was so different and cool to see how sushi rolls were made and to try for ourselves! We would be back for anther class!"

Derek T.

"Informative and fun and great time! The chef was funny and personable!"

Paulo D.

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