Gnocchi & Pesto

Make Your Own Gnocchi & Pesto Cream Class

Most people are most familiar with the version of gnocchi that they find in the freezer section or pasta isle of their local grocery store. But having fresh, homemade gnocchi is a completely different experience. Unlike store-bought gnocchi, fresh gnocchi is light and oh-so-much more delicious. If you ever wanted to learn how to make your own gnocchi by hand, then enrolling in The Cook’s Studio gnocchi making class will give you all the skills you need to recreate this classic dish.

The Cook’s Studio gives you an easy and fun way to learn how to cook your favorite dishes. We provide you with everything you need to succeed, including the freshest ingredients, expert instruction, and an inclusive setting. All you need to do is listen, learn, create, and enjoy! In our gnocchi making class, you’ll master the art of making handmade gnocchi alongside other food lovers and then you get to enjoy your culinary creation.

Enroll in Our Gnocchi and Pesto Class in Long Island Today

Every great pasta needs a delicious sauce. So, when you enroll in The Cook’s Studio gnocchi making class, you’re also getting a pesto class at the same time! Using fresh and vibrant ingredients, like basil, garlic, olive oil, and more, you’ll learn how to make your own pesto. Best of all, after taking this course, you’ll be able to make sumptuous gnocchi with pesto sauce at home any time you want.

The Cook’s Studio provides you with everything you need to make gnocchi with pesto sauce, including expert guided instruction from our very own distinguished and licensed chef instructors. This is a hands-on course, so get ready to learn how the masters make this sophisticated dish.

Ready to learn how to make gnocchi with pesto sauce? Check out our class calendar to see the complete listing of upcoming gnocchi making classes in Long Island and simply enroll in the one you want today.