Sunday Sauce with Four Cheese Ravioli

TCS Hot Takes: Food Trends v. Classic Recipes

For decades, what was trending in the culinary world was often dictated by fine dining establishments. Chefs armed with tiny tweezers standing at the pass painstakingly placing a single thread of micro arugula atop a whole branzino poached in the essence of the stars (or some menu line like that), almost a caricature of themselves, made a savory foam and then it was served in every fine dining establishment from coast to coast. Now, post-pandemic, the unethical labor practices, exploitative wages, and overall unsustainable business model of fine dining has been exposed and these “tweezer chef” trends have fallen out of fashion (and maybe that’s a good thing).

Nowadays, many culinary trends are dictated by what goes viral on TikTok and Instagram, like the explosion of “charcuterie boards” or rather, boards of any kind (we’re looking at you, butter boards), the captivating salmon bowl, the magical cloud bread, the intriguing ramen lasagna, the list goes on and on. But one thing that fine dining and social media food trends have in common is that they will both fall out of fashion… eventually.

The food that sticks around are the dishes that people have been eating for generations. It’s the recipes that make you feel good, taste good, and might even be connected to some familial nostalgia (respect to all the Grandmas, Nonas, and YiaYias out there). That’s why at The Cook’s Studio, our cooking classes focus on international classics that people love to eat and want to learn to make.

While there are countless versions of classic recipes, like meatballs and Sunday sauce, Neapolitan pizza, paella, jambalaya, pierogies, gnocchi, cavatelli, ravioli, hand cut pasta, Chinese dumplings, etc., at TCS, our recipes have been developed so that you can learn the culinary techniques required to cook them properly in under two hours, and have plenty of time to eat and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Plus, almost all of our guests go home with leftovers (and bragging rights)! Trends come and go, but the classics are forever, and we believe leftovers will never go out of style.

The Cook’s Studio is Long Island’s top recreational cooking school for date night, private events, celebrations, and anyone who loves food with locations in Hicksville, Huntington, and Patchogue coming Spring 2023. For more information, email or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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Sunday Sauce with Four Cheese Ravioli
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